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Bruce Haack > The Electric Lucifer < lyrics

1. Electric to me turn
2. The Word
3. Cherubic Hymn
4. Program Me
5. War
6. National Anthem To The Moon
7. Chant Of The Unborn
8. Incantation
9. Angel Child
10. Word Game
11. Song Of The Death Machine
12. Super Nova
13. Requiem


1.Electric to me turn

Electric to me turn this night
Reflecting universal light
All I knew that should be true
Is reality in You

Turn to me

Electric to me turn and see
The universe reflecting me
All I am would not be
Without your electricity

Turn to me

Powerlove is pulsing now
And time is in reverse
Our love is all it takes
to move the universe

Electric to me turn this night
Time will know a brighter light
Light of truth energy
Light of you - light of me -

Turn to me


2. The Word


3. Cherubic Hymn

Come with me into the great winter
Frozen sky no longer above
Fly with me beyond the thunder
Where gravity gives up its love...

Come with me into the great summer
Silver clouds and melting sand-
We will see a different sunset
Where fish are living off the land...

We will learn that we are one with
God and universal man-
Then return with understanding
To the world where we began...

Come with me - my love will take you
To fly with me hand in hand-
A world that knows summer and winter
Is waiting for us
To land...


4. Program Me

My heart beats
My brain computes
Program me-

I am complicated
Let me be
I am new
Program me-

This trip
Is mine if you
Let me be

I am love and I am free
I am child
Program me


5. War

[There are no lyrics for war. It is an

(Instrumental I guess in no lyrics.)

I just remembered-after some goings on
there is a rousing march and I sort of put it
up against the wall. Then there are some
guns and a little boy named Gary
Dersarkissian says:

"I don't want to play anymore."
Then there is a lullaby.
Here, Gil, is another way I thought about
it after a comment Chris made one day.
Being is interrupted by the narcotic
(war). Paradise goes on but now
the parade has formed a habit, The parade is
destroyed and child doesn't want to play
anymore. Farad sings to himself.]


6. National Anthem To The Moon

Feeling closer every day
Love is showing us the way
I can feel your attraction
We can feel interaction

Love me now-
Before you have to go away...
All is living - all is dying
Funny how we keep on trying
Moon - earth - sister - brother
Like them we have each other
Love me now -
Before you have to go away...

Nothing stays the same
And things changing every day -
Make it now - while we have time
To make it all the way...

Time for love is here and now
Love as much as you know how
A star shines- a dream shatters -
Love is all that really matters -
Love me now-
Before we have to go away...


7. Chant Of The Unborn


8. Incantation

Earth is cool
Fire's warm
Root is down
Below The storm

Good time coming
Beat is slow
Inhibition -

Let it grow...

Time told of Mary
Giving birth
Planet earth

Seeds are planted
Leaves are broad
Incense rising
From their God.


9. Angel Child

Butterfly soon to fall
All is love-love is all-
Tell the world what you know
What you knew long ago-
You can fly-use your wings
Touch the love in all things-
One is two-two is one
Time of truth now begun...

Butterfly soon to fall
All is love-love is all-
Tell the world what you know
What you knew long ago-
All is one-one is all
Angel child will not fall-
God and man hand in hand
Now that we understand...

Butter fly so to fall
All is love-love is all
All is love-love is all


10. Word Game

Ray of sun
Knew legends
Our story

Man kind

Universe-one poem.
Love l-o-v-e
E-v-o-l evolve
To love again.

Time t-i-m-e
E-m-i-t emit.


L-i-v-e Live
E-v-i-l evil
Lived l-i-v-e-d
D-e-v-i-l devil



11. Song of The Death Machine

Resting easy
No anxiety

Senses relay
No hostility

No involvement
Will communicate
Primal memory

Resting easy
Logic functioning
Reason programming


12. Super Nova [Good News]

Now and then
Some of us Take the time
To listen
To a night-silver call-
Some of us make the time
To feed a hungry child.

Now and than
Some of us break the time-rusted padlock
That binds us in a memory
Of simple giving-

Come and have dinner with us-
Lots of chicken
And a hill of new potatoes.

I wonder why they cry
It was only a pair of shoes
I could not use...

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder
Twinkle twinkle little star
You are
You are
You are


13. Requiem

We have seen the singing wind
We have heard the sun
We have tasted lavender
We have just begun-

We have cried at happiness
We have laughed at pain
We have let the grass turn brown
Waiting for the rain

Paradise has gone away
Our parade is here
All we now have left to kill
Is hate and pain and fear

Love came in when we began
Love is back again
Powerlove is what we are
Powerlove remains


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